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The Dice Age cometh!
You and your men spend day and night hunting to provide for your tribe.
There are 6 Hunting Grounds in total. Each tribe sends their hunter into those grounds,competing to be the most worthy hunters: the only ones allowed to hunt in that particular Hunting Ground.
Only one thing is certain: the more hunters, the better chance of success!
Your tribe will thrive in its own unique way over the course of 4 generations: 4 rounds of gameplay. Whatever the means, the goal of all tribes is the same: to become the true ruler of the Dice Age! To hunt, to prosper, and to become the most powerful tribe of them all!

Dice Age : the Hunt(ダイスエイジ)

30min. / 2-4 players / up 8 old

System : Toshiki Sato
Art: Tori Hasegawa


You did a great job catching those animals!

Now it’ s time for a showdown with another zoo!
Let’ s try to win and get more animals!

“CAPCHA!” is card game based on the Concentration. 7 kinds of animals are drawn on the card, and if you pair the same animal you can earn a victory point.
The place different from Concentration is that there is a hand and there is 4 icons. The basic rule is to pair the same animals.
You can choose additional rules – use hands, enable some of the icons etc.


5-15min. / 2-5 players / up 6 old

System : Ko Okada


“Forest of Tataraba” takes place in mountainous Sainin regions of Japan during the Edo era.
The game is all about the coexistence of the forest and ironwork: the players repeat the simple cycle of planting trees, nurturing the forest, cutting wood, and producing iron. tatara ironwork is a traditional way of making iron.
The method consumes large amounts of coal,which leads to the need for mass logging. The long-term preservation of forests is essential for the continuous production of iron. It is said that in the Sainin region, logging and tree-planting were conducted back-to-back, allowing the ironwork process to coexist with the preservation of the forest.

Forest of Tataraba(たたらばと森)

30-50min. / 2-4 players / up 10 old

System : Tanagokoro
Art: Ryoko Nagara

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